Meet CDK

Nice to meet you!

I am Noah, the CollegeDreaminKid.  I thought CDK up a few years ago.  It’s a great way for me to help people while I use my creativity to work through school one class at a time. Since CDK is about helping other people, it seems like more than  hobby.  2017-03-16 13.30.20

I like to say my work is faith-filled because I like to make cards, jewelry and gifts with Christian messages.  I make other things, too.  I like to try out new ideas and keep learning. Besides being influenced by faith, CDK is future-driven because it helps my dreams move along down the road.

It is a wonderful feeling to design or create something that makes someone happy, or helps them feel less sad.  Sometimes, other people (like my parents, or friends) help me bring an idea from a draft to a final product.  I am lucky to be able to ask for help with otehr things, too.  Some examples are: details of understanding communication and business ideas, getting materials from places too far for me to drive, mailing packages or talking to customers when I am at school, or even helping me complete an order before the due date.

Change and confusion are not easy for me, so my family helps me keep things calm. The VERY BEST FRIEND for keeping calm is my dog!  She is a rescue from the ASPCA.  Besides walking Talladega, I love to be at the beach (which is a few hours away), fish, read, and write. When I started CDK, I was not really ready for a job out in the “real world”, but this year, I started working a few hours a week at a local grocery store.  It was scary at first, but the customers are awesome and I feel at home.  Now, I love that job!

The store I work in is different than CDK.  There is no brick building for CollegeDreaminKid.  I do not have ads on the radio or flyers that go to people’s houses.  I depend on other people to share their experiences and tell others about CDK20161015_182759_HDR. My work can be found in my ETSY SHOP, and at WAKE ZONE, which is in Apex, NC.

Figuring out how to match the gifts God gave me with the things I like and things that can be used in a job someday is taking me in lots of directions.  Life is an adventure that way.