Christian Greeting Cards, Gift Tags

It is really important to be strong with your faith and let faith help make you strong.  I am a Christian.  I believe in what Jesus did and feel good about following the Christian Bible.  Not all people believe what I believe and that is just fine with me.  Whatever a person believes in, I think they should work to believe in it as much as they can.  Part of being a good Christian is being good to ALL people.  Part of being any religion that is truthful is about the same thing.  If we work on being better people to ourselves and each other, things in this life will turn out to be great.

This is a quote thMary hand_2017at matters to me.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. -Mahatma Gandhi

The church I am part of is 100 years old this year.  I think the people in our church have pretty strong spirits.  It is a very strong missions church.  Besides volunteering with the youth program, I take part in many events.  We fix houses. We raise food at our community garden.  We keep each other company and help out with rough parts of life.

Whatever your faith is, I hope you work on it every day.  I have learned that is important.  That is part of the reason I like making greeting cards with strong and faithful Christian messages.  These cards help us help each other keep strong with God’s help.

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